UTUC: Diagnosis and management

ESU Course 50

  • Location:
    Room 22 (ICM, Level 2)
  • Chair:
     S. Shariat, Vienna (AT)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This course will address contemporary concepts and controversies in UTUC such as
    • Accurate staging and its role in clinical decision making/risk stratification
    • Risks, benefits, and side effects of current and novel therapeutic approaches including endoscopic and minimal-invasive surgery
    • Optimal management of the bladder cuff as well as indication and extent of lymphadenectomy
    • Systemic therapy for high-risk and metastatic patients

Epidemiology, diagnosis, evaluation
 M. Rouprêt, Paris (FR)
Prognostic and predictive factors, pathology
 S. Shariat, Vienna (AT)
Treatment of low risk cancer (high grade Ta, T1 and CIS)
 M. Rouprêt, Paris (FR)
Treatment of localized high risk (invasive) and metastatic cancer
 S. Shariat, Vienna (AT)