Ultrasound CT with "Trend Monitoring": A new dimension in prostate diagnostics

Industry session by ANNA/C-TRUS

  • Location:
    Room 13a (ICM, Level 1)
 P. Hammerer, Braunschweig (DE)
Prostate cancer detection and treatment: Urology at its best!
 P-A. Abrahamsson, Malmö (SE)
Prostate imaging MR and TRUS: Lets look at the facts
 J. Walz, Marseille (FR)
Results 2016: US-CT guided biopsies: Prospective head to head comparison of mpMRI guided and systematic random biopsies
 L-P. Xie, Hangzhou (CN)
Ultrasound CT with "trend monitoring": Features and benefits
 T. Loch, Flensburg (DE)
Discussion and hand out of the lectures (USB stick)