The infertile couple - Urological aspects

ESU Course 31

  • Location:
    Room 13a (ICM, Level 1)
  • Chair:
     W. Aulitzky, Vienna (AT)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This course provides state-of-the-art information on urological aspects of diagnosis and therapy of modern reproductive medicine. Diagnostic procedures should be standardised and coordinated in a timely fashion for both partners, focusing on the possible urological, hormonal and genetic causes of male infertility. In terms of therapy, this course will provide updated information on evidence based data and will discuss the importance of varicoceles in male infertility. We will show microsurgical techniques on video and explain why proper training and skills perfection is key to successful case management. A successful IVF/ICSI outcome depends upon the use of state-of-the-art techniques for sperm retrieval and sperm preparation. We will also provide information on genetic aspects and stress the responsibility of the urologist as an adviser and gatekeeper for the treatment of the infertile couple.

Diagnostic work-up, medical treatment
 W. Weidner, Giessen (DE)
Pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of varicocele
 W. Aulitzky, Vienna (AT)
Microsurgical refertilisation
 W. Aulitzky, Vienna (AT)
Sperm retrieval techniques and genetic aspects of IVF/ICSI
 W. Weidner, Giessen (DE)