Renal tumours: All about imaging

Poster Session 24

  • Location:
    Room Milan (Hall B2, level 0)
  • Chairs:
     U. Capitanio, Milan (IT)
     E. Herrmann, Münster (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    To discuss different aspects of imaging modalities in renal tumours.

  • Poster viewing of 20 minutes. Presentations will take place on stage. Standard presentations are 2 minutes in length, followed by 2 minutes for discussion.
Systematic review on the effectiveness of the Bosniak system for complex renal cysts

By: Verhagen P.1, Zaccai K.3, Schoots I.2

Institutes: 1Erasmus MC, Dept. of Urology, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2Erasmus MC, Dept. of Radiology, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 3University College London Hospital, Dept. of Urology, London, United Kingdom

Diagnosis performance of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging for the assessment of complex renal cysts: A prospective study

By: Defortescu G.1, Cornu J.N.1, Giwerc A.1, Werquin C.2, Gobet F.3, Béjar S.2, Pfister C.1, Nouhaud F.X.1

Institutes: 1Rouen University Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Rouen, France, 2Rouen University Hospital, Dept. of Radiology, Rouen, France, 3Rouen University Hospital, Dept. of Pathology, Rouen, France

Diffusion weighted MRI to discriminate the histological subtype of renal tumours

By: Van Oostenbrugge T.1, Langenhuijsen J.1, Van Amerongen M.2, Fütterer J.2, Mulders P.1

Institutes: 1Radboudumc, Dept. of Urology, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 2Radboudumc, Dept. of Radiology, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Percutaneous needle based optical coherence tomography for the differentiation of renal masses

By: Wagstaff P.1, Ingels A.1, De Bruin D.2, Buijs M.1, Zondervan P.1, Savci Heijink D.3, Van Delden O.4, Faber D.2, Van Leeuwen T.2, Van Moorselaar R.5, De La Rosette J.1, Laguna Pes P.1

Institutes: 1Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, Dept. of Urology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Physics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 3Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, Dept. of Pathology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 4Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, Dept. of Radiology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 5VU University Medical Center, Dept. of Urology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A new quantitative method for characterizing small renal masses: MRI intensity ratio curve analysis

By: Moriyama S., Yoshida S., Tanaka H., Inoue M., Ito M., Yokoyama M., Ishioka J., Matsuoka Y., Numao N., Saito K., Fujii Y., Kihara K.

Institutes: Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School, Dept. of Urology, Tokyo, Japan

When to perform a staging chest-CT scan before surgical treatment for kidney cancer

By: Larcher A.1, Nini A.1, Fossati N.1, Corti S.1, Dell’Oglio P.1, Trevisani F.1, Nicoletti R.2, De Cobelli F.2, Dehò F.1, Montorsi F.1, Salonia A.1, Briganti A.1, Bertini R.1, Capitanio U.1

Institutes: 1IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Dept. of Oncology and Urology, Milan, Italy, 2IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Dept. of Radiology, Milan, Italy

When to perform preoperative bone scan for kidney cancer staging

By: Larcher A.1, Nini A.1, Dell’Oglio P.1, Fossati N.1, Di Trapani E.1, Suardi N.1, Stabile A.1, Trevisani F.1, Picchio M.2, Salonia A.1, Briganti A.1, Montorsi F.1, Bertini R.1, Capitanio U.1

Institutes: 1IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy, Dept. of Oncology and Urology, Milan, Italy, 2IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Milan, Italy

Could perirenal fat be more important than the tumor itself? The MAP score better predicts perioperative morbidity than the RENAL score

By: Khene Z-E., Peyronnet B., Robert C., Prader B., Rohou T., Mathieu R., Verhoest G., Rioux-Leclercq N., Bensalah K.

Institutes: Pontchaillou University Hospital (Rennes), Dept. of Urology, Rennes, France

Can a small (< 7 cm) kidney tumour affect the renal function? Results of a scintigraphic study

By: Fiori C., Bertolo R., Amparore D., De Cillis S., Cattaneo G., Checcucci E., Manfredi M., Mele F., Ottaviano G., Aimar R., Porpiglia F.

Institutes: San Luigi Hospital, Dept. of Urology, University of Turin, Orbassano (Turin), Italy

Is stratification of patients according to split renal function as assessed by renal scan a reliable method to classify risk categories for minor or major loss of renal function before partial nephrectomy?

By: Porpiglia F.1, Bertolo R.1, Amparore D.1, Ottaviano G.1, Angusti T.1, Passera R.2, Fiori C.1

Institutes: 1San Luigi Gonzaga Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Orbassano, Italy, 2San Giovanni Battista Hospital, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Turin, Italy