Practical aspects of cancer pathology for urologists. The 2016 WHO novelties

ESU Course 19

  • Location:
    Room 13a (ICM, Level 1)
  • Chair:
     E. Compérat, Paris (FR)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This course treats urogenitary pathology. We want to improve the urologist-pathologist interaction, understanding of the whole diagnostic spectrum and to update urologists with the new WHO classification 2016.

    • Optimal handling of pathology specimen
    • When ask for frozen sections, surgical margins
    • Pathology report. Read and understand all included information
    • Novelties in Uro-Onco Pathology. Applications in daily practice

 F. Algaba, Barcelona (ES)
Consensus conference on Gleason Grading: Proposal for a new grading system
 E. Compérat, Paris (FR)
Bladder cancer classification: What is new in 2016, Classical grading and molecular grading, how to integrate?
 E. Compérat, Paris (FR)
Kidney tumours with the 2016 WHO eyes
 F. Algaba, Barcelona (ES)
Testis tumours: New insights with clinical impact
 F. Algaba, Barcelona (ES)