Moving forward in urological cancers

Industry session by IPSEN PHARMA

  • Location:
    Room Paris (Hall B2, level 0)
  • Chair:
     J. Irani, Le Kremlin-Bicetre (FR)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Over the last few years new drugs have reached the market for treating CRPC patients. In the clinical trials performed all patients were maintained under castration. The main question is whether GnRH analogues may be therefore considered as the backbone therapy for the more advanced prostate cancer patient?

    Many patients with prostate cancer are receiving androgen deprivation therapy (mostly GnRH analogues) based on their disease stage. Despite the fact it provides a beneficial effect on the disease evolution we may need to minimize side effects. Many controversies exist in this domain and the objective is to bring some clarity in this field taking into account the recent developments and knowledge acquired.

    Finally, the question will be how to improve the treatment of high risk NMIBC patients in real life and if PDD is working outside of clinical trials? Correct staging and optimized therapy from 1st TURB is crucial for the outcome of NMIBC patients. The objective is to give an update of currently available evidence regarding known limitations, different treatment options and available real world data.

Welcome and introduction
 J. Irani, Le Kremlin-Bicetre (FR)
Prostate cancer and androgen deprivation therapy: What are the newest data?
 J. Irani, Le Kremlin-Bicetre (FR)
Is ADT the backbone of advanced prostate cancer?
 A.S. Merseburger, Lübeck (DE)
Prostate cancer in China: From fundamental research to clinical practice
 L-Q. Zhou, Beijing (CN)
PDD in a real world setting: Does it work outside of clinical trials? And can we manage high risk patients better in real life?
 M. Burger, Regensburg (DE)
Questions and answers - Close
 J. Irani, Le Kremlin-Bicetre (FR)