Managing patients with NMIBC: Old disease – New ideas

Industry session by MEDAC

  • Location:
    Room Vienna (Hall B2, level 0)
  • Chair:
     P-U. Malmström, Uppsala (SE)
Welcome and introduction - The changing epidemiology of bladder cancer
 P-U. Malmström, Uppsala (SE)
Presentation of cases and audience voting
 P-U. Malmström, Uppsala (SE)
Case 1: Intermediate risk tumour
Do we have tools for individualized patient treatment?
 M. Babjuk, Prague (CZ)
Single immediate instillation of chemotherapy after TURB – Still a valid recommendation?
 C.H. Ohlmann, Homburg (DE)
Case 2: High risk tumour
Can new imaging techniques improve diagnosis and follow-up?
 B. Malavaud, Toulouse (FR)
BCG failure: New standardized definition and treatment alternatives
 A.M. Kamat, Houston (US)
Audience voting and panel summary
 P-U. Malmström, Uppsala (SE)