Lower urinary tract dysfunction and urodynamics

ESU Course 17

  • Location:
    Room 21 (ICM, Level 2)
  • Chair:
     P. Abrams, Bristol (GB)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Having attended the course, the attendee should:
    • Understand the basic physical principles referable to urodynamics
    • Be able to assess the quality of a urodynamic trace
    • Recognise common artefacts and know how to correct them
    • Know the indications for urodynamic studies in children, men, women and neurological patients.

The scientific basics of urodynamics
 P. Abrams, Bristol (GB)
Urodynamics - getting philosophy and technique correct
 P. Abrams, Bristol (GB)
Urodynamics in neurourology
 J.L.H.R. Bosch, Utrecht (NL)
Urodynamics in female urology
 P. Abrams, Bristol (GB)
Urodynamics in the child and in men
 J.L.H.R. Bosch, Utrecht (NL)