Interpreting the value of OAB treatment

Industry session by ASTELLAS

  • Location:
    eURO Auditorium (Hall C1, Level 0)
  • Chair:
     C. Gratzke, Munich (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    The aim of this symposium is to deliver a high-science, educational symposium which considers the value of OAB treatment. The multidisciplinary faculty will consider the value of treatment from all stakeholders’ perspectives – patient, physician and payer.

Welcome and introduction
 C. Gratzke, Munich (DE)
Evaluating treatment – Getting it right
 M.J. Drake, Bristol (GB)
Value over Euros
 J. Wickstrøm , Vejle (DK)
My OAB – The patient’s voice
 D.M. Castro Díaz, La Laguna Santa Cruz Tenerife (ES)
Questions and answers
 C. Gratzke, Munich (DE)