Infections and lithiasis in kidney transplantation

Meeting of the EAU Section of Transplantation Urology (ESTU), in cooperation with the EAU Section of Infections in Urology (ESIU) and the EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS)

  • Location:
    Room Vienna (Hall B2, level 0)
  • Chair:
     A.J. Figueiredo, Coimbra (PT)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    The aim of this meeting is to review and discuss the recent advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infections and lithiasis in renal transplantation.
    It will also include the extended presentation of the winner of the 2015 René Küss prize.

Welcome and introduction
 A.J. Figueiredo, Coimbra (PT)
 E. Lledó García, Madrid (ES)
Infections: How to avoid?
 A.J. Figueiredo, Coimbra (PT)
 E. Lledó García, Madrid (ES)
Impact of infections on transplant results
 F. Friedersdorff, Berlin (DE)
Stents and drains: A problem?
 V. Díez Nicolás, Madrid (ES)
Ureteral reflux: How relevant is it?
 P.T. Coelho Nunes, Coimbra (PT)
Vaccination in kidney transplant recipients
 J. Fortún, Madrid (ES)
Infections: How to deal with?
 M. Musquera Felip, Barcelona (ES)
 C. Terrone, Turin (IT)
Viral infections: Beyond the infection themselves
 T. Cai, Trento (IT)
Infections in the cadaveric donor: How to deal with them?
 U. Sester, Homburg (DE)
Infectious calculi in the graft
 Z. Tandoğdu, Newcastle Upon Tyne (GB)
 A. Chkhotua, Tbilisi (GE)
 P. Ditonno, Bari (IT)
Lithiasis in transplantation: How common is it?
 J.D.J.M. Branchereau, Nantes (FR)
Stones in kidney grafts: Are they different?
 M. Billia, Burolo (TO) (IT)
Stones in native kidneys: A concern?
 J. Galan Llopis, Alicante (ES)
Lithiasis: How to deal with
 F.J. Burgos Revilla, Madrid (ES)
 O. Rodriguez Faba, Barcelona (ES)
Stones in the donor kidney: What to do?
 J.D. Olsburgh, London (GB)
Treatment of ureteral stones in transplantation
 D.A. Georgescu, Bucharest (RO)
Treatment of graft lithiasis: Are there any particularities?
 A. Trinchieri, Lecco (IT)
Rene Küss lecture: Creation of a bank of kidney precursors for transplantation
 C.D. Vera Donoso, Valencia (ES)
Award of the Rene Küss Prize 2016 and conclusion
 A.J. Figueiredo, Coimbra (PT)
 E. Lledó García, Madrid (ES)