Immuno-oncology: A hype or a potential new foundation for GU cancers?

Industry session by BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

  • Location:
    Room Paris (Hall B2, level 0)
  • Chairs:
     L. Albiges, Villejuif (FR)
     M-O. Grimm, Jena (DE)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This symposium aims to raise awareness of the emerging role of immuno-oncology in genitourinary cancers. It will discuss ongoing research and highlight recent advancements in the research effort to harness the immune system to treat these cancers.

Welcome and introductions
 M-O. Grimm, Jena (DE)
I-O: A new mode of action
 I. Duran, Seville (ES)
Redefining treatment expectations for metastatic renal cell carcinoma
 L. Albiges, Villejuif (FR)
I-O in bladder cancer: A question of patient selection?
 M-O. Grimm, Jena (DE)
Discussion - Questions and answers
Summary and close
 L. Albiges, Villejuif (FR)