How to write a manuscript and get it published in European Urology

ESU Course 16

  • Location:
    Room 12 (ICM, Level 1)
  • Chair:
     J.W.F. Catto, Sheffield (GB)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    In this course we will explain the role the European Urology and European Urology Focus in learning and Evidence based medicine. We will focus upon our interaction with authors and how we can encourage high quality medical reports. We will explain in details the review process, focus upon the importance of statistical design and reporting guidelines. We will use practical examples to educate.

    • To understand the role of European Urology in the field of urology
    • To understand what makes a successful submission for publication
    • To learn about statistical design and robust reporting styles
    • To understand the review process and how best to address this
    • To understand how we handle and review submissions

Surgery in Motion: How to combine the best possible manuscript and video for the Surgery in Motion Section
 A. Mottrie, Aalst (BE)
Why publishing (and publishing on European Urology) is important for you
 C. Gratzke
Clinical research original article: How to write an article and get it published in European Urology
 M.R. Cooperberg, San Francisco (US)
Common problems and potential solutions
 J.W.F. Catto, Sheffield (GB)
The importance of statistical design and analysis
 D. Sjoberg, New York (US)
How to write a basic research article to be relevant for the readers of European Urology
 J-N.L. Cornu, Rouen (FR)
How to write the perfect Twitter text
 A. Kutikov, Philadelphia (US)
How to review a paper for European Urology
 S. Boorjian, Rochester (US)
Questions and answers
 J.W.F. Catto, Sheffield (GB)