ESU/ESUT/EULIS Hands-on training in Ureterorenoscopy

HOT 27

  • Location:
    Room North America (Hall B0, level 0)
  • Chair:
     B.K. Somani, Southampton (GB)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Ureteroscopy is an essential tool in the management of stone disease for all Endourologists. This course will provide hands-on-training with tutor guided practical tips and tricks of doing ureteroscopy. Participants will get a chance to perform Semirigid and Flexible ureteroscopy in the models with a chance to navigate the pelvicalyceal system, stone manipulation and extraction.

    Aims and objectives

    • At the end of the course, the participants will be able to perform rigid and flexible ureteroscopy in the models
    • The participants will be able to interact with tutors and gain valuable insights into the tips and tricks of basic and advanced ureteroscopy.

 G.M. Kamphuis, Amsterdam (NL)
 B. Geavlete, Bucharest (RO)
 A.J. Gross, Hamburg (DE)
 N. Macchione, Milan (IT)
 A. Secker, Münster (DE)
 F. Keeley, Bristol (GB)
 S. Doizi, Paris (FR)