ESU/ESFFU Hands-on training in Urodynamics

HOT 31

  • Location:
    Room South America (Hall B0, level 0)
  • Chair:
     M.J. Drake, Bristol (GB)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    This workshop aims to provide a practical course offering an interactive “hands-on” environment for doctors, nurses and technicians to improve their skills in urodynamics, with an emphasis on practical aspects including equipment used, interpretation of traces, quality control and trouble-shooting. The use of recorded tests, access to equipment and small groups means that individual problems can be addressed. All the speakers are involved in similar “hands-on” courses, which have ran successfully in the United Kingdom and abroad. The small group format has been shown to work well in addressing individual needs. Access to teaching aids and equipment will simulate the clinical scenario as much as possible within the constraints of the conference setting. At the end of the workshop delegates should feel more confident in their practice of urodynamics.

 A. Gammie, Bristol (GB)
 A. Garcia Mora
 L. Thomas, Bristol (GB)