Benign problems in the upper urinary tract: 'Not cancer but not easy'

Poster Session 11

  • Location:
    Room Paris (Hall B2, level 0)
  • Chairs:
     M. Bultitude, London (GB)
     M. Frydenberg, Melbourne (AU)
     M.I. Kogan, Rostov On Don (RU)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    Incorporating the most upto date techniques into the management of a myriad of complex non-malignant problems in the upper urinary tract.

  • Poster viewing of 20 minutes. Presentations will take place on stage. Standard presentations are 2 minutes in length, followed by 2 minutes for discussion.
Comparison of insertion forces during ureteral access sheath placement in an experimental model with different commercially available access sheaths

By: Tefik T.1, Buttice S.2, Marson F.2, Sanli O.1, Oktar T.1, Villa L.2, Traxer O.2

Institutes: 1Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Urology, Istanbul, Turkey, 2Pierre Et Marie Curie University, Paris VI, Tenon University Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Paris, France

Segmental spiral stent with nanostructured coatings for surgical treatment of obstruction of ureteropelvic junction

By: Shkodkin S.2, Kogan M.I.1, Idashkin Y.2, Lyubushkin A.2, Miroshnichenko O.2

Institutes: 1Rostov State Medical University, Dept. of Urology, Rostov on Don, Russia, 2Belgorod National Research University, Dept. of Urology, Belgorod, Russia

Diagnostic accuracy of urinary β2-microglobulin, CA19-9, NGAL and KIM-1 in the setting of ureteropelvic junction obstruction in adults

By: Miranda E., De Bessa Jr J., Lopes R., Bandeira R., Srougi V., Andrade H., Arap M., Mittre A., Dos Reis S., Viana N., Leite K., Srougi M., Duarte R.

Institutes: University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, Dept. of Urology, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Laparoscopic management of ureteropelvic junction obstruction in horseshoe kidneys

By: Guliev B., Komyakov B., Aliev R.

Institutes: Mechnikov Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy, Dept. of Urology, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

High-grade hydronephrosis is sustained even in patients with improved renal function after laparoscopic pyeloplasty for ureteropelvic junction obstruction

By: Nishi M., Matsumoto K., Tabata K., Ishii D., Tsumura H., Hirayama T., Fujita T., Iwamura M.

Institutes: Kitasato University School of Medicine, Dept. of Urology, Sagamihara, Japan

Associated video presentation P.Robo.S.C.I.S.: A novel non-dismembered technique for robotic pyeloplasty
 F. Dal Moro, Padova (IT)
What are factors that influence ureteral stent obstruction in patients with ureteral stricture?

By: Ko Y.H., Song P.H., Lee K.S., Choi J.Y., Jung H.C., Moon K.H.

Institutes: Yeungnam University, College of Medicine, Dept. of Urology, Daegu, South Korea

Balloon dilatation of ureteric and ureteroileal strictures

By: Yam W.L.1, Lim S.K.T.1, Teo J.K.1, Ng K.S.2, Ng F.C.1

Institutes: 1Changi General Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Singapore, Singapore, 2Changi General Hospital, Dept. of Radiology, Singapore, Singapore

Ureteral endometriosis associated with hydronephrosis

By: Fernandez Ramon C.1, Peri Cusi L.1, Costa Grau M.1, Melnick A.1, Martínez-Zamora M.A2, Franco De Castro A.1, Alcaraz Asensio A.1, Carmona F.2

Institutes: 1Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Dept. of Urology, Barcelona, Spain, 2Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Dept. of Ginecology, Barcelona, Spain

Comparison of initial experiences between full-length metallic stent and segmental metallic stent in malignant ureteral obstruction

By: Han J-Y., Lee S.S., Jeong S.C., Park S-W., Chung M.K.

Institutes: Pusan National University Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Yangsan, South Korea

Glyphosate-based herbicide effects on rat's kidney

By: Hamdaoui L.2, Naifar M1, Chtrourou A.3, Fourati M.4, Mhiri N.4, Ayedi F.3, Rebai T.2

Institutes: 1Sfax Medicine College, Dept. of Research «molecular Bases of Human Diseases» 12es17, Sfax, Tunisia, 2Sfax Medicine College, Histology Embryology Laboratory, Sfax, Tunisia, 3Habib Bourguiba Hospital, Dept. of Biochemistry, Sfax, Tunisia, 4Habib Bourguiba Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Sfax, Tunisia

Clinical management of spontaneous perirenal hematomas without renal causes: A new urological challenge

By: La Falce S., Sekulovic S., Morlacco A., Gigli F., Zattoni F., Mancini M.

Institutes: University of Padua, Dept. of Oncological and Surgical Sciences, Urology Clinic, Padua, Italy

Benign lesions of upper urinary tract with nephroureterectomy: The preoperative characteristics

By: Lu Z., Ou C.

Institutes: National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Dept. of Urology, Tainan, Taiwan

Summary and context
 M. Bultitude, London (GB)