Avanafil 2.00: The 2nd generation of PDE5-Is has begun

Industry session by THE MENARINI GROUP

  • Location:
    Room Vienna (Hall B2, level 0)
  • Chair:
     V.G. Mirone, Naples (IT)
  • Aims and objectives of this session

    ED is a highly prevalent male sexual dysfunction. PDE5is are the first line treatment for ED. Despite their effectiveness, there is still a non-negligible number of patients who discontinue because of either personal or partners’ sexual dissatisfaction with the chosen treatment. Avanafil is a 2nd generation PDE5-I recently approved in EU. Based on clinical results, it offers an innovative on demand solution for ED patients, providing them with a better tolerated treatment, even at the highest dosage, and a rapid & sustained efficacy allowing to respond immediately to the partner wishes without the need to plan sex in advance.

Introduction: The treatment of erectile dysfunction in the era of 2nd generation PDE5 inhibitors
 V.G. Mirone, Naples (IT)
Discontinuation and dissatisfaction: The crucial impact of tolerability
 G. Corona
Avanafil 200mg: The favourable compromise
 W. Hellstrom, New Orleans (US)
Matching patient expectations: The contribution of avanafil in the real life setting
 H. Porst, Hamburg (DE)
Wrap up and closure
 V.G. Mirone, Naples (IT)
Questions and answers
 V.G. Mirone, Naples (IT)